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Drying is a process that consists of a heat treatment of wet materials in order to remove the percentage of water contained in them, going from 40-45% to 10-12%.

Our vision

Enhance the use of the same biomasses, duly pelleted, to ensure the best possible supply of thermal energy in drying with economic advantage and reduced environmental impact.

To contribute to creating the awareness that every organic waste, if correctly treated, expresses a specific amount of energy that amply justifies the costs faced to make it usable..

Offer stabilization solutions by drying for each specific biomass and type of company involved, even and especially small size (from 200 kg/h of dry material).

Guarantee new commercial outlets for dried and stabilized products, to be used as fertilizers in agriculture: fruit plants and garden vegetables..

The three processing cycles

Semi-automatic 1: from the possibility to the operator to decide the working and unloading time guaranteeing a control of the set parameters.

Automatic 2: the dryer works completely automatically, loads the material up to the set on the operator panel, the humidity set reached, the machine drains the dried material and continues the repetition of the cycles.

Automatic 3: with material below the threshold of +/- 20% humidity, the dryer works continuously, charging and discharging the material while keeping the set.

Mod. Ts-Mdg 120

Badge product: 400 Kg max

Entry humidity: 45% max

Final humidity: 12% RH%

Evaporative capacity: 307 l/H

Average production: 400/500 Kg / H

°C room inlet air: 180 to 280 ° C

° C room outlet air: 55/65 ° C

° C output material: + 25/30 ° C

KW / Thermal installed: 260 kW

En. Thermal used: 223,600 Kcal / h

Hot air generator 2: 130 kW / each

Pellet consumption / h: + / - 50 Kg

Exhausted air from: 3000 to 4000 m3 / h

Installed electric power: 22.0 kW

Power Elett. Absorbed: 12.0 kW / h

Time set up in: 5 minutes

Time Product unload: 4 'minutes


Identification of products and models:

1) Dryer mod. TS - MDG / 1 maximum production 300 Kg dry material discharged per single begde (UR% 45% UR 12% discharge).


2) Dryer mod. TS - MDG / 2 maximum production 500 Kg dry material discharged per single begde (UR% 45% UR 12% discharge).


Possible corrections and particular adjustments only after specific quotation defined, from time to time, in concert between the Parties. 

"Thanks to our drying process, the biomasses return to be ready for every phase of processing: from pelletizing to gasification, up to the more traditional combustion, without particular problems and with maximum efficiency ..."

Francesco Soresi


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